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Artificial Silks bring a great approach to design. Artificial Silks can add nature indoors and fill a spot in that corner of your room. Looking for silk tree branches, artificial plastic plants or silk trees to make an item for your Theater, Museums, Schools or College Theaters, Casinos, Business or Home. We hope we have the right item you're looking for that will set the mood for any staging. We have been servicing our customers on the Internet since 1998. Don't toss out your old wood tree trunks. Remove the old artificial silk tree branches and add new tree branches to them to make a new fresh look. Wood tree trucks have gone up in price so save them and add new silk tree branches instead. Artificial silks are not made from real silk. Artificial Silk are made from synthetic fabrics, plastic coated iron wire and are not made of any real silk. Artificial Silks come un-shaped or need potting. Shop Online at Silk Spectacular Silk Elegance for silk tree branches silk bushes silk trees artificial cactus and more.
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Silk tree branches are great for replacing your older silk tree branches with new silk tree branches to give a new fresh look or want to make your own silk trees. Over 50 styles.
Artificial Silk Tree Branches

Silk Bushes Silk Plants Silk Ivy Bushes, Silk Philo Bushes. Artificial silk bushes and silk plants are great For any staging for your business, theater or home. Silk Plants for a pot shelf.
Artificial Silk Bushes Artificial Silk Plants

Silk Floor Plants make it easy to liven up and add color to any area with little care. Silk Floor Plants bring in the outdoors indoors. Make a statement with Artificial Silk Floor Plants!
Silk Floor Plants Artificial Silk Floor Plants

Silk Trees includes Silk Fiddle Leaf trees, Silk Areca trees & more. Silk trees for your home, business, theater or office!. Shop Online for Artificial Silk Trees to fill a empty corner.
Silk Trees Artificial Silk Trees

Artificial Cactus Artificial Succulents. Your Desert Oasis for artificial cactus plants, artificial succulents, artificial agave plants and more. Artificial Sansevieria Plants too!
Artificial Cactus Artificial Succulents

Artificial Grass Bushes Artificial Grass Plants. Artificial Grass Mats. Artificial Boxwood Mats. Artificial plastic plants from Bunny Tails to Artificial Doggy Tail Plants and others.
Artificial Plastic Bushes Plants Artificial Grasses