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Transforming Walls Inc Norling Wakeman Studios "Allow us to Transform your Walls"! Residential Commercial Resort Hotel Spa Entryways Lobbies Stairway walls Niches Family rooms and more!
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Transforming Walls Inc About Us: Bonnie Wakeman murals, wall relief sculpture and fine art have graced homes & businesses in Colorado and the US since the early 90's. Her unique style and designs of an ancient art form of bas relief sculpture, has added something special to the decorative painting industry. Moving into instruction of her various techniques have created a new and exciting chapter in her art career. Bonnie make many wall murals with our silk aspen tree leaves that are painted and placed onto the murals. Its a beautiful and magical relief look.


Joe Wakeman Creates beautiful faux finishes, transforms cabinets and furniture to new life, and expresses himself with 3 dimensional abstract fine artwork. After training himself with painting and wallpaper applications, Joe Wakeman evolved to the world of artistic finishes, working in some of the finest homes in the country. His fine art is an inspirational testament to his creativity and imagination. Using color, texture and design, his multidimensional works are a special compliment to the walls of award winning homes.

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