Silk Boston Ferns

Silk Boston Ferns Artificial Boston Ferns. Artificial silk ferns are made from synthetic fabrics and plastic coated iron wire. Silk Ferns come un-shaped. Some shaping needed. Containers if shown with a product are for show only and are not included in the price of the product unless as noted. Artificial silks are made from synthetic fabrics, plastic coated iron wire and are not made of any real silk. We try our best to accurately display the colors of the silk bushes shown on our website. However, depending on your monitor, we cannot guarantee that your monitor's display of any color will be accurate. How silk ferns are measured: Measure the width of the fern using the two longest branches spread out. Center of ferns have the shortest length.

Silk Boston Ferns Artificial Boston Ferns

Silk Boston Ferns
31" Long x67 Leaves Un Potted
Span Approx. 36 to 40" Inches
Shown 1 Full Silk Boston Fern
Price: $192.00 Box of 6 Silk Bushes
Item# 7432-67