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Silk Gold Dust Sprays
Silk Dracaena Gold Dust Sprays. 32" High 2 Heads on each spray. Color: Green/Yellow. Shown 1 Full Silk gold dust spray. 8 sprays minimum each order. Shaping needed.
Price: 8 Sprays $80.00


  • Product Ideas:

    This is an Artificial Dracaena Gold Dust Sprays with approximately 32" tall. Poly form stems with wire inside are benable. Dont bend to much or to fast, or the stems can crack. Great to put multi sprays at different heights together to make a floor plant or use the heads to a make a tree.

  • About Product:

    When you receive them, the heads have very little shape as shown. To make the heads fuller. Use a hair dryer on high and let the leaves fluff down to gave a fuller look.

Silk dracaena gold dust sprays are not made from real silk. Silk dracaena gold dust sprays are made from synthetic fabrics, foam coated iron wire. Silk dracaena gold dust sprays come un-shaped. Products: Due to each monitor screen / tablet difference / mobile phone, the item's colors might be slightly different from the picture shown.
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